There may be different types of transformation processes but they all have common end products and derivatives which mainly are juice, essential oil, pulp and skin.

Let’s say, more specifically that extraction machines supply intermediary products of three types:
– Juice/Pulp (40-55%)
– Essential oil (0.2-0.7 %)
– Skin (40-55%)
These percentages are indicative and may vary according to type or origin of fruit and even climatic conditions.

Amongst the different types of extraction used for recovering juice and essential oil certains are more widespread than others and are exceptionally convenient as far as quality and yield are concerned. In particular:

– The In-Line System, which is the most, used at a worldwide level. With this system extraction of essential oil and juice is carried out simultaneously. During extraction, the skins don’t come into contact with the juice. The result being that the juice quality is extremely high, even ideal for drinkable fresh juice. Before the extraction process, it is necessary to grade the fruit.

– The “Speciale Traditional System” consists in machines with Speciale patents. Essential oil is collected through a special process known as rasping, the oil-free fruit enters into the juice extractor, which has rollers. This system, unlike the In-line system does not require any advance sorting or grading and can work any volume of fruit. What’s more this system allows you to reuse the peels to make candied fruit. Production costs are very attractive when using this equipment.


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