Lavaggio, spazzolatura, selezione e eventuale calibratura

As far as the technology used for treating the raw product, it is almost identical throughout the world, fresh fruit harvested and stocked in silos to then be transported to transformation facilities. During the first phase, foreign matter is eliminated such as leaves, rotten fruits and stems as this could contaminate the final product.

The fruit then enters into industrial washers where jets treat the fruit with cleaning products. After it goes into the brushing machines to remove dust and other matter encrusted on the peel. Then the fruit is directed to a selection tray.

Depending on the type of machine used for the extraction, at least the grading takes place. Following that, the fruit is inserted into the extractor hoppers, by means of inclining feeder strips, which are equipped with adjustable deviators. Excess fruit is returned to the selection tray.

Washing, brushing, selection and possible grading