Finisher for water-citrus essential oil mixture mod. FF50E

Any repairing can be made locally, without moving the machine from its base.

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Model FF50E is designed to filter and squeeze the detritus from the water-essential oil mixture discharged from the Model SP40 extractors.

The FF5OE finisher is similar to the FF50 model except for the perforated steel frame, which is firmly reinforced, and a second steel sheet, which is punched with 5 mm holes that acts as a support for the perforated steel sheet, which has 0.5mm holes. Just like Model FF50, the FF50E finisher is made up of a helical screw of variable pitch and a sieve with 0,5mm holes (or other diameters on request) which has, 95 holes per square centimetre, with a solid frame made in two halves, through which the juice to be refined is forced out by pressure avoiding any shaking and letting in of air. The screw revolves at 380 revs per minute and has a 357 mm diameter.

The supporting perforated steel sheet frame can easily be dismantled for cleaning and replacing the sheet. A compressed air piston automatically regulating extraction pressure carries out the excess pulp discharge. Only one FF50E finisher is enough to process the mixture from 6 juice extractors mod. SP40.

Finisher for water-citrus essential oil mixture mod. FF50E