50% of the extractors currently in use in the United States whilst in Brazil, Argentina and Israel, it’s practically the only system being used. In-line machines are also distributed in Italy, Spain and other countries throughout the world. This transformation system requires a preliminary calibrating of the fruit in order to produce the best quality. But what makes this system unique is that it’s the only one which operates without having to cut the fruit into two halves. The main reason why the juice collected from In-line extractors is of superior quality is that the juice never comes into contact with the peel and it’s immediately moved away from the separation membranes and the pips.

In order to be able to treat different varieties of citrus fruit available in different parts of the world in the most efficient way, the In-line system allows for great flexibility in the adjustment of components to obtain the best extraction. This favours maximum yield while maintaining high quality. What makes the SP40 stand out when compared with all the other systems currently on the market is its higher juice yield, which tops that of all others. This particularity is made possible by the positive feeding of the SP40 and by its capacity to extract different citrus calibres and shapes.

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