Citrus fruit refiner mod. PR20

Any repairing can be made locally, without moving the machine from its base

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This machine is designed to carry out a first refining of juice processed by the juice extractor in order to reduce its pulp content to approximately 15%-22%, the average unrefined content is up to approximately 10%-16%. A subsequent pulp reduction of up to 2%-3% can be obtained through centrifugation.

Four crafted variable-speed rotating blades, which turn at approximately 250-700 revs per minute, push the juice against the perforated steel sheet walls of the cylinder using centrifugal pressure. The cylindrical steel sheet has holes which are 0.6 mm in diameter (0.8 mm or 1mm on request) and is equipped with guides and a robust frame. In addition, this cylinder can easily be dismantled for cleaning at the end of the working day.

Besides, the machine is made up of:
– a cylindrical body with a hopper to facilitate juice entrance
– a collecting tank underneath with a 150-litre capacity
– pulp discharge
– a control unit made up of the electrical motor and propeller shaft with pulleys and trapezoid belts.

Citrus fruit refiner mod. PR20