Citrus fruit juice and peel extractor mod. RS300D

Any repairing can be made locally, without moving the machine from its base.

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This machine extracts the juice from oranges, lemons and similar fruit after the essential oil has been extracted in our «Pelatrice» DS rasping machine leaving the fruit whole. It processes fruit with diameters between 30 and 100 mm without prior calibrating.

The fruit enters into the machine’s feeder, and then it is cut in half, squeezed by the rotating rollers against a perforated steel sheet. The juice is carried into a container below. The peels from the two halves are dispatched towards two canals which are located at the centre of the machine and which lead to the discharge. A regulation device adjusts the degree of pressure on the fruit halves and controls the amount extracted.

The machine is equipped with a special double device which cleans peels to be put aside for the next processs of turning the peel into candied fruit. You can obtain any peel thickness you require. In certain cases, the extractor is fed directly with fruits which have just been through the washing and brushing process.

The machine is fully automatic and does not require any manpower. In practice, the juice yield is at its maximum. In addition, the juice contains an insignificant amount

of essential oil due to the fact that the whole fruit entering the machine has previously been deprived of essential oil in our « Pelatrice » rasping machine. The frame is completely made out of stainless steel and its solid construction guarantees the machine’s long life. Maintenance and cleaning is simple.

Citrus fruit juice and peel extractor mod. RS300D